Visiting the Ra’d’s Dedicated Portable Clinic

15 اردیبهشت 2011

On 12th of Azar, a group of the authorities in Shemiranat’s Behzisti (Welfare), went to Ra’d Charity Complex to observe its activities and to visit the portable clinic that the complex dedicated to the flood-stricken people in Pakistan.


According to Ra’d’s public relations report, Amirani, the vice president of the rehabilitation in Tehran Behzisti, observed the stages of preparing and equipping the portable clinic closely.


It should be mentioned that Pakistan’s flood-stricken portable clinic was bought by the help of the benefactors and a part of the income made by Ra’d’s Food Festival, and the support of some benefactors the equipment and medicines were completed. This portable clinic will be dedicated to Pakistanis via the Red Crescent in near future.


تا کنون نظری برای این مطلب درج نشده است.

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