Educational workshops for a happier life style

25 Jan 2016

Raad Charity Complex has recently held a series of educational seminaries for the families of the students, specifically focusing on the capacities and psychological needs of the disabled trainees.

The aime of these workshops is to promote the culture of tolerance , non violence, self confidence and methods for improving well being toward a happier life.


According to the Raad Department of public relations Mansoureh Panahi and a number of Raad authorities from various departments participated in this event.


While emphasizing on the importance and effectiveness of the communication between families & Raad complex, Mansoureh Panahi, managing director at Raad stated: " our cooperation is very essential


For solving the problems of the trainees and can contributes to their empowerment."

In these sessions Mahmood Aameri,(department's coordinator) , Sudabeh Sharifi ( social worker ) , Shahrzad Chehrehnegar from the department of psychology and dr. Maryam Rasoulian , a member of the Raad board of directors delivered their speeches.


It is notable that these workshops will be held in 3  consecutive sessions for all the groups & each group will include 15 family.



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