Iran nationals 2016 ,Rubik's cube competition , Milad Tower

Iran nationals 2016 ,Rubik's cube competition , Milad Tower

21 July 2016

Iran nationals Rubik's cube competition will take place on July 22, 2016 , mordad ,1 ,1395 at Milad Tower in Tehran.the participation of Team Raad in this event will be managed by Mehdi Ghahhari,who has been teaching trainees in emotional intelligent (eq) workshops for couple of years.

The brain game,Rubik's cube has become very popular among people in Iran & outside in recent years.

The items for competition :

2*2 , 3*3 ,4*4 , 5*5 , 6*6 , 7*7

The participants in the upcoming event are:

Saeideh Dashtbani , Alireza Alinaghian,mostafa Mohammadzadeh , Kobra pour Mohammad, Sara Garshasbi, seed Mehdi Mussavi, Amir hoses in Alizadeh,  Zahra Hesaraki, & Ehsan Sadegh Abedin

Raad charity complex wishes the very best to each and every participant at the competition


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