The 17 th Raad food festival

The 17 th Raad food festival

23 May 2016

Raad charity food festival will be held on 29-31 of ordibehesh at Raad complex in shahrak gharb.

According to Raad department of public relations, the aime of this traditional festival is to provide and create training opportunities for trainees and art students and to offer high quality persian & international food delicacies supported by the most famous brands in food industry

It is a great opportunity for established restaurant owners to embrace their social responsibility as well as attracting the new customers

The best traditiinal foods from various parts of iran; Yazd , Gilan , mazandaran , khuzestan along with favorit fast foods will cater to all tastes and age groups

Also homemade foods prepared by the benefactress ladies of Raad is considered to be one of the main appeal for the event

Raad charity rehabilitation complex is welcomes all the giving citizens of tehran to the 17 th food festival

Location: No 74 south pirouzan, hormozan street, phase 2 shahrak gharb

For information on reserving the booths or donations please contact this number:


Or go to following website;


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