The Abilympics competition 2016

The Abilympics competition 2016

31 March 2016

The Abilympics team of Iran arrived at Tehran on Tuesday 10 of farvardin, March 29 and received by the Raad authorities and the families of contestants.

They have returned from 9th International Abilympics competition , " olympics of abilities, the world's largest skill competition featuring persons with disabilities " held in the French city of Bordeaux which took place in 2 days.

" well organized , well coordinated " this is how medalist Hamed Rasti ,competitor in photography described the event planing &  management by the host country , France.

In a short interview, while expressing his gratitude for being part of the Abilympics Team Iran ,he pointed out: " in order to succeed in the future  competition, a consistent planning and steady work is needed by the the accountable and responsible organizations .

Also Mehdi Kamari, competitor in AutoCAD ,mentioned: " in the last two competitions , South Korea and Japan have planned and worked hard in such a way that they had judges for all skill categories & they achieved medals for all contests, in order to improve the performance of their team.

He added  ,though our team is highly qualified,however more vocational education and training & elevation of the standards for the competitors and also for the support team should be taken into consideration,

It is notable that participation of this event for Team Iran was supported and held by Raad Charity Complex & a group of benefactors.



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