Dr. Christy Linch visited Ra'ad Complex

Dr. Christy Linch visited Ra'ad Complex

20 Feb 2017

Dr. Christy Linch ,founder of "supported employment" methods in Europ and America visited Ra'ad training & charity complex and Applied sciences center and lectured in groups of authorities and some groups of managers.

Public relations of Ra'ad charity has reported :

In this visit, Dr.Christy Linch nearly became familiar with the method of implementing employment support by Mansooreh Panahi, manager of Ra'ad complex and soeech with implementing this  method experts.

Mansooreh Panahi,Manager of Ra'ad complex who is executive of this method in Iran, in some speech said:

In the past one year,for the first step we are paying to training and educating of teachers to performance of this method and have thought to the welfare organization experts by travelling to all over country and about 30 persons have been taught in Ra'ad complex for this method as yet also 176 persons with disabilities are benefit from professional supports of this method teachers.

she added: Although sofar 48 persons with disabilities have been employed in Ra'ad complex but it's not sufficient.

We should be able to support persons with mental disability beside persons with physical disability.

Ra'ad manager while appreciating of Dr.Christy Linch to accept the invitation of travel to Iran added:

Dr. Linch will hold an one-day workshop for welfare organization experts.

In following ,Dr.Christy Linch with expressing his experience as therapist in Irland and his following that has done in introducing protected employment method said:

I started my work from 1980, after 8 years of activity ,I realized our activity was no result.

No persons with disabilities enter the job market.

Changing the method and staff didn't work.

Until I got to know with employment support in America.

In this method,We are going to change life quality of persons with disabilities.

He added in this method ,we emphasize on abilities and skills of persons with disabilities and show it to employers and speak them with their language that means finance and business language.

It's not important for us that disabillity of persons is low,much or medium.

What is important for us in this method is that we want our persons with disabilities to work.

Dr.Linch by expressing his own experiments said:we are closing and assembling supportive workshop in Europe and with this action sofar,none of the covered people have been employed.

He stressed:In Iran,You are at the begining and can not say you don't have the "supported employment" in Iran but it is started in Iran and in Ra'ad complex.

Mr Linch in part of this visit ,became acquainted with the activities of several persons with disabilities teaching skills Ra'ad complex workshop and also visited from Hamisun company that is executive of internet business on the web that has attracted two persons of Ra'ad complex as remote and presence working.

In addition to negotiating with newly working persons with disabilities,he communicated with two managers of that company.

In another part of this program,Dr.Linch attended a gathering of directions of NGOs, active in the field of disabled persons, and welfare organization of country  managers .


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