Extended membership of Ra'ad complex on the United Nations website

Extended membership of Ra'ad complex on the United Nations website

19 Feb 2017
 According to the latest functional report of the Ra'ad charity complex and it's acceptance by the United Nations public information office,membership of this NGO was extented for another year.
according to Public relations report of Ra'ad complex , United Nations by extending the membership of the training and charity Ra'ad complex for another year,introduced this Iranian NGO to the list of seven approved organizations on the information center of Tehran UN website.
Ra'ad charity complex was recognized by the UN information office as the first Iranian NGO since 1998 and has since been introduced to the Iranian organizations by sending reports of institue activities.
Ra'ad charity complex recently cooperated with the UN Human Settlements program in Iran and in "I will build my city" dynamic contributed to reflecting the environmental needs of persons with disabilities in the housing and urban environment and the findings of this project are being used to understand "my favourite city".


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