Do not leave anyone

Do not leave anyone

Gary Lewis, United Nations Representative in Iran:

5 December 2015
Gary Lewis, United Nations Representative in Iran:

Do not leave anyone

The commemoration of the International Day for persons with disabilities in the Ra'ad complex was held with the presence of staff,persons with disabilities and a group of righteous charity benefactors.
according to report of public relations of traininag and charity Ra'ad complex
In the event, the beauty of the ability of people with disabilities became more and more evident.
The UN Secretary-General's message was read out by UN Secretary-General Gary Lewis in Iran.
It is part of this message:
We Celebrate the Global Day of Persons with Disabilities this year following the adoption of the ambitious agenda for sustainable 2030 development.
this map invites us to global road for action "no one leave".

In the following, engineer Ahmad Mirzakhani, chairman of the board of directors of the Ra'ad complex, said:

Promotion of technical and vocational training tailored to the physical conditions of people with disabilities, the expansion and development of higher education courses and the implementation of applied rehabilitation research ,including the Ra'ad complex executive programs.

In this ceremony , Davoud Ameri and Amir Berenjkar ,two Iranian photograghers who their photos have been received title of 10 selective photos of world on disabilities field by UN , were appreciated.

It should be noted, Ameri is a member of the Ra'ad complex, a member of the World Federation of Photographers who took part in the South Korean International Technical Skills Competition (Abbey Olympics).

Also Majid Kakush -the champion of the world in the field of Archery who won the 2016 Rio Paralympic tournament-was appreciated.

He is from persons with disabilities of Ra'ad complex.

In the following,The show, "How much is the price of happy heart?", was held with the presentation of some  theatrical artists including the Captivators and non-disabled people directed by Mehdi Bayati, who was welcomed by the audience.
Then Aghdas Kazemi ,one of the country outstanding poets ,read a poem in praising Raad activities throughout the country.
also selected of third festival of cyberspace and persons with disabilities introduced and Babak Heydari, Fatemeh Iranshahi , Navid Salehi and Zahra Kanof received their awards as a top persons in the mobile app builder.
In the final section of the ceremony,the selected of disabled people club of Tehran municipality were celebrated with the presence of the deputy of Health Department.


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