Festival of Young People with Special Abilities, an Opportunity of Humanity and Ability Protection

Festival of Young People with Special Abilities, an Opportunity of Humanity and Ability Protection

19 June 2012

Attended by the vice president, Sports and Youth minister and Welfare head, 23 young people with special abilities were introduced in the Festival of Young People with Special Abilities, and they were honored at the valediction ceremony of this festival.

Dr. Hashemi, the head of Welfare organization, Dr. Abbasi, Sports and Youth minister, Dr. Rahimi, the vice president gave speech about the process of selecting these people and position of the disabled people in the society. The message of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare minister about this festival was also read.

fter playing the anthem at the beginning of the meeting, and reading Quran, a short piece of movie of Ali Asqar festival was shown.

Sedighe Akbari, executive secretary of the festival and the CEO of Raad, welcomed the audiences, and emphasized the importance of cultural activities for create suitable grounds in order to the presence of the disabled people.

She pointed to some problems of the disabled people, and said founding sports complex, and Elmi Karbordi University was one of the steps for protecting these people, and we hope the other responsible institutes help us.

She also said: today in this festival, human endeavors are appreciated. We have come to conclusion during the years of activity with Tavan Yaban that we shouldn’t pay attention to the limitations; what is important, are their efforts.

After the secretary of the festival, Homayun Hashemi, the head of the Welfare Organization, suggested: the organization tries to make the situations suitable and protective for the disabled people.

He reiterated: the policy and strategy of the organization is to decrease the rate of disability in the society, and also empower the disabled people.

He pointed to the protective activities of the eighth and ninth governments and said: the budget of the organization has increased about 400 per cent.

He also pointed to the President Ahmadi Nejhad’s protective presence on the first day of Nowruz among the disabled people.

He said: the Welfare Organization pays a special attention to the sports of the disabled people to use the capacities of it for making progress in sports, because Iranian disabled are exclusively talented in sports.

A report about selecting process of the disabled people and Abdolreza Sheikholeslami’smessage (minister of Cooperation, Labor and Welfare) were read then.

The trainees of Raad and music group of Avaye Negah performed some pieces then, and at the end one of the trainees played Santur, and Shour Afarinan music group performed Iranian traditional music, that vice president became interested in them and dedicated them some gifts.

fter this, the statement of the jury was read and each of the members of Raad received their gifts.

Mohammad Reza Rahimi, the vice president, gave a speech at the end and said: the internal and external environment of the country has made the officials neglect the needs of the disabled. He added: being present among the disabled people teaches us to continue helping them. The problems of the country, like the sanctions, are what make the officials neglect the disabled people. Pointing to the eternal human spirit, he said: we shouldn’t judge based on physical deficiencies.

ccording to the report, leading members’ names are:


On individual autonomy: Leyla Ghadimi and Mazyar Kartuly Nezhad

On social areas: Seyed Davud Mousavi, Hamed Abedin Zadeh, and Mohammad Hossein Rezaei

On Sports: Shahin Izad Yar, Javad Hardani, and Zahra Shah Mohammadi

On creativity: Shahin Zavaroghi Maleki, Shahab Rashnuei, and Fatemeh Afkham Rezaei

On arts: Masoud Mazlumi vand, Alireza Bagheri Gholi Abadi, and Ladan Sahraei

On science and research: Sajad Falsafi Zadeh, Nuh Mansuri, and Hossein Abdolmaleki

On Quran: Fatemeh Atar Zadeh Niasari, Majid Fami Tafreshi, and Soghra Alaei

In special part: Fatemeh Cheraghi, Abas Ghanbari, and Meysam Parsa


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