Raad complex partnership

Raad complex partnership

2019 Japanese Para art painting and calligraphy exhibition will be held.

16 October 2018
Japanese para art calligraphy-painting exhibition in cooperation with Raad Rehabilitation and Training Complex at the same time with International Day of people with disabilities with the motto of Art beyond limits and disabilities will be held in Tokyo.
According to the report of Raad charity public relations,
Japan calligraphy, painting exhibition with the aim of enhancing self-esteem and self-confidence, raising awareness of public understanding of disabled persons problems and promoting the artistic exchanges of people with disabilities in international arena, with the motto of art beyond limits and disabilities at the same time with international day of people with disabilities will be held in Tokyo.
Raad charity with notification and public call invited Tavanyab (persons with disabilities) artists from all over the country to submit painting, calligraphy and line drawings own works in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the recall, max to 15 November, to the Para Art secretariat and after the first arbitration of artworks in Iran, the image of the selected works will be sent to para Art office in Japan for the final approval of the exhibition.
    ParaArt exhibition will be held for only artists with disabilities in two age groups, children and teenagers (11 to 17 years old) and adult (over 18 years old) and the works should be produced in the size of 81*65 for painting works and 70*135 cm for calligraphy or line drawings works and in case of final selection, the owner of works is committed to delivery it’s original to the secretariat to be sent to Tokyo.
Raad Rehabilitation and Training Complex responsible of this event as a secretariat of para Art in Iran and the works by selected artists in the primary referee selection in cooperation with emotional mental disabilities rehabilitation center at the exclusive exhibition on the occasion of the international day of people with disabilities will be screened.
Enthusiasts at the exhibition can study Recall and receiving registration form refer to Raad Rehabilitation and Training Complex website to  www.raad-charity.org or in office hours call to exhibition secretariat phone numbers: 88371096-7 and if needed mail to   Festival@raad-charity.org .


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