The UNESCO  workshop was held at Raad complex.

The UNESCO  workshop was held at Raad complex.

3 November 2018
Innovative workshop on ICT for tavanyaban (persons with disabilities) by relying on educational resources to efforts of UNESCO regional office in Tehran and partnership of Raad educational charity complex and Applied science university, Raad charity applied science educational center, UNESCO national commision in Iran and ministry of communications and information technology was held.
According to public relations of Raad complex, In the beginning ritual, Engineer Ahmad Mirzhakhany, Member of Raad complex, Board of trustees and chairman of directors board of Raad applied science center during the speeches  spoke about necessity of life quality improving persons with disabilities and attention to social dimensions of this group of citizens and added:
Raad complex during services in years, while interacting with persons with disabilities(Tavan Yaban) community always tried to give a good answer to the social and educational needs of this dears.
Hence by providing educational periods, fits community needs, teaching computer techniques, the establishment of the Applied scientific university for persons with disabilities (TavanYaban) is taken in this direction.
Mirzakhany emphasized the importance of communicating with international assemblies and the cooperation of Iranian public organizations of persons with disabilities with the scientific and cultural organizations and added: we have no choice but to interact with cultural communities to create the ability of dear persons with disabilities(TavanYaban) and in the meantime common cultural programs such as holding this workshop can be a great help in developing these cultural relations.
In continuance of this event,Dr.Maryam Soltanzadeh ,head of UNESCO regional office in Tehran, Dr.Farhad Etemadi, director of UNESCO National commision information and communication department and Dr.Mohammad Mahmoudi ,Advisor to Minister of Communications and information technology referred to international, national, educational dimensions and accessibility use of open educational resources.
It's worth noting in this educational workshop, topics such as benefits and principles of using open educational resources, digital access and it's social review , access to learning of open educational resources and access for persons with disabilities(TavanYaban) , production of open educational resources to train educators with focus on access , share, production and reuse in open educational resources and future steps to collaborate  on the use of open educational sources by Naeema Zarif managing director and group 5 founder, Zeynab varooghloo , Master of communications and information and professor Alireza Darvish, Teacher university of applied sciences , Zorikh University was teached.


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