Introducing the Education Department

Ra'ad Education Charity Complex as a philanthropic educational institution center offers its services in the three major fields: Rehabilitation, technical and vocational education, social work and counseling.

Ra'ad Education Charity Complex as a philanthropic educational institution center offers its services in the three major fields:

Rehabilitation, technical and vocational education, social work and counseling.
Disability is defined in the New World, as "a capacity mismatch between the environment and his or her performance. Raad Complex attempts to reform the environment (by changing individual attitudes, making society sensitive to improve the environment) and upgrade performance of  the disabled through the vocational training tailored to their physical conditions, resulting to the disability’s reduction.

After a quarter century, more than five thousand people participated in the training of the Raad Complex of whom, many are working in Tehran and the other cities.

The Complex services to all the eligible applicants with disabilities deserving education are completely free of charge since all the Complex financial resources facilities roots from the donations received by the public, and their generous support and assistance provided by the philanthropist people.

All the services for all eligible disable applicants are free of charge, since all the complex finances and facilities are provided by public donation , benefactors support and their generous help.

There is no racial, ethnic, color, or the gender discrimination in admission and offering services for the disabled.

The Raad Trainees enjoy from the free technical education and vocational training as shown in the following chart.  The disabled are being evaluated commensurate with their basic education (at least until the end of the middle school education), physical and mental condition, talent and interest; and in accordance with standards of the labor department which is internationally valuable, they will be given special vocational training.

Trainees as required will enjoy from the free rehabilitation services

If the students complete the training courses, they wll be introduced to the labor department for the technical degree.

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