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Account details and online payments for Ra’ad Complex

•    Account details and online payments for Ra’ad Complex

Account details for Euro Payments

Account name:                 Ra'ad Education Charity Complex

Current Account:             161598941

Bank Name:                       Bank Tejarat

Branch Name:                   SHAHRAK QODS
Branch Code:                     1615

Bank Address:                   2nd floor, opposite hormozan  towers, Hormozan St Phase 2 Shahrak Ghods,

Tehran Iran

Bank Tel:                              0098 21-88372274

Swift Code:                         BTEJIRTHHRM


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Friends of Ra’ad
In an effort to expand the activities of Ra'ad Education Charity Complex (RRGC) and to augment our resources in the US and, for that matter, elsewhere in the Europe, a not-for-profit corporation, was officially registered under the state of Virginia in January 2000. The corporation has just been granted tax exempt status by Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This means that donations made to Friends of Ra'ad in the US will be tax deductible.
Friends of Ra'ad, like the parent institution, is a non-political NGO with a mission of mobilizing additional resources solely to facilitate RRGC's noble cause of providing the physically handicapped with free rehabilitation services and vocational training. In addition to financial resources, Friends of Ra'ad also needs your volunteer support in other areas including, inter alia accounting, fund raising, public relations, mailing and website.
To get additional information or to fill out application form, please click here " I want to get involved?”
You may drop a line at
Our write to us at :+98 912 130 7911
Friends of Ra’ad
P.O. Box 60504
Irvine CA 92602

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