The Disabled magazine with its wide array of publications is published on a quarterly basis. This magazine includes not only medical articles but also articles about the latest news and event within other RAAD sites within Iran.

TavanYab publication - Raad charity publishes one of most effective publications solely dedicated to the cause of persons with disabilities. This magazine includes not only medical and educational articles but also articles about the latest news and event within other RAAD sites within Iran. TavanYab is a quarterly publication which gets circulated among people with disabilities, trainers and experts who work in this field, as well as UN organizations in Iran and other NGOs and institutes that are active in the field of empowering people with disabilities. All articles and interviews have an English summary so it can be used by non Farsi speaking populations as well as Farsi speaking. TavanYab has been published for more than 18 years and all issues are available online at Raad charity website for all to access.


This magazine can be purchased on an annual basis for the sum of 800000 IRR (includes positing and packaging). Gift subscriptions can also be purchased of those interested.








Work with us
Raads publication section warmly welcomes those who are interested in giving us a helping hand.  Those interested can contact us on . It is essential that those interested supply us with their previous work and experiences.

It is essential that the work submitted has not been previously published on the internet or in other magazines. Plagiarism must be avoided at RRGC at all costs.

Contact our reporters

Our reporters can be contacted us on 88371096,  They can also be contacted

Advertise in our quarterly magazine

“The Disabled” magazine allows corporations to advertise within its magazine on a quarterly basis. All adverts are in color and on high quality paper.

For further information please contact our Public Relations department  on: 88371096

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