Holding TavanTech second event at the Elkamp Expo 2018

Holding TavanTech second event at the Elkamp Expo 2018

12 July 2018

Along with 24th Elecomp International fair, TvanTech second event from 28 to 31July will be held in the presence of start-ups of disability field in the venue of Tehran International Exhibitions.

According to the public relations of Ra'ad Complex , TvanTech second event with the aim of supporting start-ups and e-commerce companies related to disability field and creating a suitable platform for introducing employed and successful people with disabilities in such companies to develop effective services for improving the life quality of citizens,especially persons with disability will be held.

Based on this report, holding TvanTech along with Elecomp fair and star's Elecom will display available facilities in cyberspace and it's positive impact on the individual and social life of people with disability for general public including proffessional and internet business activists.

The public relations of Charity and Educatinal Ra'ad Complex at the TavanTech second event is calling for the support of internet business and cyberspace activists  by inviting idea oweners, start ups who is related to disability field  or effective in improving life quality of persons with disabilities to participate in the exhibition.

The entusiast of TvanTech second event for more information can contact the secretariat with 0098 21 88371096 phone number or visit www.raad-charity.org website.

Raad charity and educational complex,after 34 years of activity in area of skills and academic trainings of persons with disabilities and working with 28 similar and independent centers in other provinces and cities ,is pursuing the empowerment and upgrading life quality of people with disabilities.

TvanTech event is an opportunity to familiarize people with disabilities with the e-commerce environment and to identify sustainable employment opportunities in these companies, through new ways to deliver their goods, services and prosperity , managers of start-up's companies, in addition to recognizing abilities and skills of this group , contact face-to-face with customers and audiences and act on their social responsibility in a Professional event.


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