Dr.Maryam Rasooliyan,Board chairman of Ra'ad complex,in ceremony of International day of disabled persons:

Dr.Maryam Rasooliyan,Board chairman of Ra'ad complex,in ceremony of International day of disabled persons:

Rights that are seen in the law for disabled persons should not be denied.

5 December 2018

At the same time as the world day of peaple with disabilities as usual as every year,special program of this international occasion with presence of groups of trainees,students,Trustees, board of members, board chairman, members of women and youth support groups and benefactors of Ra'ad charity was held in conference hall of this institute.

According to the public relations department of Ra'ad complex report, at the beginning of the ceremony Dr.Maryam Rasooliyan, board chairman of Ra'ad complex congratulated third     december ,the international day of disabilities persons to audience and added:

Life right, work right, marry right, education right, ... is reserved in community for every one and the persons with disabilities(Tavanyab) are not exception of them.

We are gathered in Ra'ad complex for don't ignored the rights which law consider for (persons with disabilities) tavanyab citizens in society and work for the rights of people with disabilities.

By referring to the need to address the problems of the mentally handicapped, he added:

Problems of this group of people with disabilities isn't like physical persons that is clear from their appearance  who have physical problems that try to focus on solving them but often this group is accused to weakness of will and laziness.

According to this point that mental and physical health is not separated from eachother and these two categories have a lot of impact to eachother.

Dr.Rasooliyan ,referring to the supported employment centre,added:

From the beginning of the use of sponsored employment in Ra'ad complex and then establishment of a supported employment centre ,these services were not foreseen for the sole purpose of the Ra'ad people with disabilities.
and people with disabilities who can use a supported employment service.
In continuse ceremony, Mohammad Rajaee Moghadam,deputy director of the united nations information centre in Iran.

In part of the UN secretary-general 's message, in 2018 UN report about disability and development shows that people with disabilities are deprived but it confirms increasing procedures that they can live independently.

At the ceremony,Members of Ra'ad complex board direction on the occasion of volunteering international day,
Soheila Moghadampoor, representative of the woman's support group and Ashkan Sadr representative of youth support group appreciated for 24 years volunteering effort and service with donating gratitude letter.

In another part of this ceremony,Alexander Lysht Unesco regional office supervisor in Iran presence in location to read message of Owdri Azooleh,Unesco director general, on the occasion of international day of people with disabilities and told:

Every year, we come together on the occasion of the international day of people with disabilities to cope with discrimination against more than one billion people living in the world with a type of disability.

The growing number of countries that have ratified the united nations convention on the rights of people with disabilities in 2006 , will be 177 countries which illustrare changing our behaviour patterns about the issue of disability ,however people with disabilities   Still face to discrimination, violence, false beliefs and deprivation.

In countinious he added:

We, insistently need creative solutions in all areas of society to target the extreme vulnerability experienced by peoole with disabilities.

we must consider people with disabilities in all decisions and policies, it means encouraging their participation in political, Social and cultural life so that we can create a pluralustic open, collaborative and knowledgeable world ,in this way ,education is the first vital step ,Staff chief at the applied, sciences university in west of Tehran province ,before giving thanksgiving and student awards of Ra'ad Applied Scientific training centre,in short words, congratulations on coming of 12th december and international day of people with disabilities added:

Since the new responsibility is familier with Ra'ad rehabilitation and Applied Science Training centre , he is more motivated to help people with disabilities(Tavanyab) students and he will try and cooperate to enhance their scientific ability.

In this ceremony, Hossein Khorsand ,record owner and holder of disk throwing gold medal in para asian Jakarta 2018 and graduated in pysical education-coaching of disabled persons exercises and masters of management of cultural and sport affairs,

Zahra Haghy vaniyeh three people with disabilities (TavanYab) physical handicapped 's sister and student of public relations field Reza Aabedi ,student of accounting with an average of 19 in last 3 semesters.

Mojtaba Behjati, Responsible of development plan of Ba'am salamat Technology development company, Seyed Mahmood Tabatabaee Jafari ,student of physical-coaching education field of disabled persons exercises and Mohammad Mahdi Babaee ,graduated in computer programming course with average of 19.07 and Information Technology engineer course with average of 18.05 celebrated and appreciated of appreciation certificate letter of Applied&Scinence university awards and Ra'ad Applied Science Training centre.

Also Fatemeh Islami,Mohammadreza Aabedi and Fereshteh Jamshidi,calligraphic artists participating in Tokyo 2018 paraert match was appreciated by giving a honor diploma, book of works and Ra'ad complex cash awards.

In part of this ceremony, Ra'ad complex traditional music band by performing traditional music show a corner of their artistic abilities and Saeedeh Dashtbani ,educated in Ra'ad complex,   was appreciated for recent jobs success in Cha'argoon company.



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