Testing and selecting the national skills team of people with disabilities

Testing and selecting the national skills team of people with disabilities

16 November 2021
computer programming/ Web design/ Outdoor photography and poster design /caricature design  
Announcement of the results of the selection test courses of the Russian Abilympics Championship
The winners of the Russian Abilympics Championship qualifying exams in the fields of outdoorphotography, poster design, programming and web design were announced.
According to the public relations of Raad Complex; After months of planning and trying to identify the qualified individuals for the registered disciplines of the 2022 Russian Abilympics Championship, the selection stage exams were held by conducting specialized interviews by the members of the referee team and inviting the participants to participate in the qualifying competitions.
According to the announcement of the jury, the names of the selected individuals for the qualifying exams for the 2022 Abilympics Championship in Russia are as follows:
Men's Outdoor Photography: Mahmoud Bayat from Tehran, Davood Ameri from Gorgan and Hamed Rasti from Shiraz.
Men's poster design: Davood Mousavi from Tehran, Ehsan Rashidifard from Andimeshk and Ms. Nazila Sadeghi from Tehran.
Web design of Mr. Mani Razavizadeh from Tehran, Saeed Baghaei ‌‌ Ravi from Kerman Milad Hazrati from Bojnourd.
Men's programming: Majid Farhangfar from Yazd, Ali Kowsari from Mashhad and Seyed Ali Hakami from Zanjan and Reza Torabi from Tehran who were selected with the highest score.
According to this report, the best individuals in each field will be selected from among the selected individuals after attending the training camps, during the postgraduate training course and participating in the final exam, and will be sent to these competitions if the general and health conditions in 1401 are met.
It is worth mentioning that the judging committee of this course was formed with the voluntary presence of experienced professors of each field, which are:
Men's Outdoor Photography: Arash Ashourinia, Pouria Madadi, Mohammad Hassan Kazemini.
Men's poster design: Siavash Yaghoubi, Ehsan Moghadampour and Ms. Fatemeh Akbarpour.
Men's web page design: Hooman Sanatkar, Sepehr Safaei and Arvin Karimi.
Men's Computer Programming: Hooman Sanatkar, Sepehr Safaei and Arvin Karimi.
Raad Complex sincerely appreciates the cooperation of these ones. Also, the members of the executive committee consisting of experts from the Women's Raad Complex: Nasrin Akbarpour Baranji, Shima Merkabati, Negin Mousavi and Mr. Mohammad Reza Dashti were in charge of registration, communication and holding the exam.
It is worth mentioning that in order to identify and send the national team for the skills of people with disabilities in the 2022 Moscow competitions, the Abilympics qualifying exam was held and participants from Tehran, Shiraz, Alborz, Gorgan, Qom, Arak, Yazd, Andimeshk, etc. observed health protocols. Socially and in accordance with the standard of international competitions, they attended the Raad Complex in person and concentrated.
Raad Complex, with the aim of proving the capability of Iranian able-bodied people following the sending of previous rounds to the international competitions in Dehli, India, Seoul, South Korea and Bordeaux, France, this time intends to provide the national skills team for people with disabilities for the 2022 Moscow Championship.


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