A report on the online ceremony of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities; Equal opportunities

A report on the online ceremony of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities; Equal opportunities

28 December 2021
After months of planning and consensus, the event "People with Disabilities; Equal Opportunities" at the invitation of Raad Complex and with the support of partner associations, NGOs, media, scientific, cultural, artistic and public figures, on Friday evening, December 3, online held.
According to the public relations of Raad Complex; The beautiful and colorful Iranian costumes of the music group "Dastan Goya" attract the attention  at the beginning, when in the quietest style of music performance, it delivered the most heartwarming song to the viewers' souls, when they said with the movements of their hands:Sophisticated martyrs portrayed in the ear of time "the peak of purity and spiritual treasure of a nation", then the camera broadcast the image of a teenage artist who had come from Khuzestan to Tehran to write with the slip of my pen.
Kowsar Boghnameh, who was recently praised by art lovers at the Tokyo ParaArt Exhibition 2021, referred to the deprivation of education by education at the Thunder event because he could not write with his hands, but also said that every day of his life is a painting. She tries to share his hopes and aspirations with the people.In continuation of the pleasant music of the south, which showed the sincerity, monotony and warmth of the people of Khuzestan, the program filled the space in honor of the Ahwazi guest, and we were not far from the atmosphere of that land, which brought another story of the sultry land and the sun to our minds. Hashemieh Motaghian, who recently broke the world record by throwing 24 meters and 50 centimeters, gave all her compatriots the honor of being Iranian.She said that for years he had practiced and tried to create an opportunity for himself, although unequal, from the low-income village of Malachieh in the suburbs of Ahvaz, that she had not been able to introduce many sports, artistic and educational Hashemites to the society due to deprivation of adaptation.But he said people with disabilities should be given special attention to create equal opportunities, as people's judgments and behavior may divert the able-bodied from their goals and aspirations.
When the pictures of the tall boy in  sitting volleyball team of "Morteza Mehrzad" were broadcast, the desire to hear the words of a lovely boy came to life in the audience, but when the host asked him, are you the tallest sitting volleyball player in the world? He answered with the sincerity we always know from him:Yes; It does not matter much. Morteza said: "People's eyes made me not leave the house until the coach of the sitting volleyball team saw the "Mahe Assal" program and invited me to join the team, and I, who had not touched a volleyball until then, The course of my life is changing. He believes that it is not possible to happen, children with disabilities have to make things happen, that they say: Disability is not a limitation, it is a big lie and I do not know who told this lie, I believe, disability is not the end of dreams and we can Change our lives.
Zohreh Etezadolsaltaneh, an artist who is a member of the German Painters' Association member of feet and mouth has years of experience in teaching said: "As a child, education did not register me because I do not have hands and feet, but my parents, especially my mother, They did not fall short, and with the strictness of my mother and teacher, I managed to write the letters of the alphabet with my feet. After a while, I enrolled in an exceptional school, and since I could read and write, I started my studies from the third grade ,But they did not have a girls 'class, and I was studying in a boys' class.I even had to sit on the benches for the final exam, and when I told them to spread a newspaper on the floor to take the exam, they refused until they agreed with the teacher.
She said : "Before watching the Japanese film Norika, I thought I was the only one in the world, but when I met Norika because of the similar situation it had with me, it became my role model and I realized that there are people like me in the world and even worse," he said. There are from me too.I believe that giving advice is useless, the person himself or herself must want to change the situation, changing the words does not solve the problem, I proudly say "I am a disabled person" so we must change the situation according to our needs and requests.
Another athlete and record holder who was a guest of the Thunder event in the field of shooting, 10 and 50 meter air pistols has won 54 medals and the title of Asian, World and Paralympic Championship.Sara Javanmardi said: I had to leave the university due to transportation problems and long distances. Like you, I can not do many things, but I will not let these restrictions defeat me. If we stay in our homes, nothing will change, we have a law but it will not be enforced. Relying on God and trying, we must change the situation and create equal opportunities.He added: "Exercise was not a goal for me, I started exercising to know the world of people with disabilities because I was the only disabled person in the family and before that I had no idea about exercise for the disabled, because my problem is my short leg, I sat in a corner I heard them say together,This score you get is not a sports score and it is not yours, I turned to his minister to clear that mentality and then I realized what a dynamic and wide-ranging world sports for the disabled is.I started with sitting volleyball and then I chose the individual shooting discipline and I think I finished the discipline in the best way. I believe that equal opportunities should not be sought, because they do not exist. We have to think about the half-full glass, no matter how much we think about the half-empty glass, the situation will not change.
In the interview with Dr. Mohammad Kamali, a prominent non-governmental organization, Dr. Maryam Rasoulian, faculty member of Iran University of Medical Sciences and chairman of Raad Complex, Dr. Ehsas Fayazi, faculty member of Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch, and Shahin Tabari, Chairman of the Board Chargon Company presented equal dimensions of equal opportunities in person and discussed the issues of inclusive society, justice-oriented view, access to community facilities for all, benefiting from social equality, stigma and labeling of different people, the role of family and their support, virtual world and opportunities , Exchanged mental limitations, not seeing people with disabilities in society, employment justice, and so on.In the other part of the program, the message of the UN Secretary General "Antonio Guterres" was read by Mohammad Rajaee Moghaddam, the head of the Information Center of the UN Office in Iran, who said that understanding the rights, abilities and leadership of people with disabilities will advance our common future. All over the world, people with disabilities and their representative organizations are taking steps to fulfill this call: "Nothing about us, without us."
The final part of the event continued with the invitation of online guests and Engineer Ehsan Shahverdi, CEO of the National Deaf Network of Iran, Ashkan Azar Masouleh, reporter and producer of radio programs, and Zeinab Naseri, a social activist with disabilities, were added to the event through the authorized space.And equal opportunities in terms of the educational system's behavior with the blind and deaf, educational assistance facilities such as: textbooks, reading software and other technologies, lack of effective communication of deaf people with society and vice versa, hidden disability and double suffering of not being seen They examined their disability.
Of course, this event only mentions a brief introduction to the issue of equal opportunities and its importance. Whether equal opportunities can be given or created depends on the attitude of individuals, but we can not hide that we all have a responsibility and role in creating it and it is better to do our part. Consciously accept.


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