The 3rd Raad charity auction shining under empathy and charity

29 اسفند 1394

In the last hours of the last Friday of this February, the gathering saloon of Raad Charity Complex, so splendidly conducted the 3rd auction of visual arts works, while hosting some beneficent artists and art lovers of our city.


According to the report of public relations department of Raad Complex, after 7 days of the exhibition and showing 77 works of some national contemporary and well known artists, the collected artworks were offered to be sold at the eight night of this cultural event.


The report goes on that at the ending ceremony, in addition to the beneficents and the artists creating the works, some actors and actresses of cinema, theater and TV such as Iraj Nozari, Kaveh Afagh, Gelareh Abbasi, … attended the ceremony.



According to the report, during the auction, works of some artists were repeatedly offered with an increase in price by the attendants and it added a great excitement to the ceremony. Bronze statue of Taha Behbahan titled “The secret of galaxy would be released to you by his music” and “Hunting” paintings of Leila Vismeh, “Riders” of Sadegh Tabrizi, “Rubaiyat” of Mostafa Dareh Baghi and some more untitled works from Leili Derakhshani, Shahla Hosseini, Fataneh Dadkhah and Mohammad Khalili were among the works most demanding and highly into spotlight.


A significant point about the 3rd auction was selling the work of Ali Rashki, art lecturer of Sistan va Baluchistan University who is a successful and rehabilitee of Zahedan city and successful presence of rehabilitee artists is of a great importance to Raad Charity Complex.


Finally, after some hardworking months for the auction executive team, the youth synergy team, Raad Complex and a group of art lovers, the 3rd charity auction ended the event upon presenting the works of artists for 3 hours and selling for an amount of Rls.4,266,000,000.


The executive manager of the 3rd auction Asa Barati, in an interview with the reporter of Raad at the end of event appreciated the significant presence of beneficent people and added that: “Backed up well with the previous events, the 3rd auction had an almost difficult burden this time because expectations from such cultural event had gone up and thank God we ran a successful auction”.


The member of auction executive team and head of Raad youth synergy team, Rahman Alaghehband appreciated the valuable presence of people and said: “All the endeavors of executive people, especially the active members of youth synergy team were focused on successful conduction of this event and the people, colleagues of Raad and volunteers deserve to be highly acknowledged here.”


It should be noted it is expected that the remaining works will be demonstrated by Arthibition Website through, by Hal o Rouz Ertebat Gostar Company, on their basic prices to interested people, giving an opportunity to art lovers to purchase and collect the works of this auction in an appropriate time.”





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